How We Got Nasty

Back in July of 2016, founder Naashon Corbett we to a friends house. We decided to throw a BBQ. A group of friends headed out to their local Neighborhood Raleys grocery store, where they grabbed a bunch of meats and numerous produce to throw on the "Q." As they returned home, they realized they all had forgotten to pick up some sauce. Naashon mentioned, "let's me make it from strach." He sailed back out to the store, where he grabbed additional items. He returned once again and mad a small batch. Definitely not enough for the 20 people that were there. For the friends that had tried the sauce. It was a instant HIT. People there said... "Bro you HAVE to bottle this stuff up." Naashon realized he had something special, and that the world needed to try this sauce. One of Naashon friends asked him "what would you call it?" Without our hesitation he yelled "Nasty Sauce." Naashon was a music songwriter and his Alias was "Nasty Script" it was only right that he named it Nasty Sauce. 

From there, the rest is will be written in History Books